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Elevation: 10000 feet
Cottonwood Lake, CO


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Available Editions

  1. FIRST EDITION - There can only be one.
    First Edition's have a special backprint with "FIRST EDITION 1/100" in addition to the standard backprint content.
    If you are interested in having #1/100 for the Luxury Edition of this image, purchase the Luxury Edition Deposit item. The minimum size for a first edition corresponds to the amount of the first edition deposit. You can see the prices of each size above. This deposit will be applied to the price of the size that you wish to order. After you purchase the Deposit item, I will contact you to discuss the size that you are looking for and if necessary, send you an invoice.
    First editions take 4-8 weeks.
  2. Luxury Edition (100) - large-scale, ready to hang, ChromaLuxe metal prints sized for your space. Signed & Numbered.
    All Luxury Editions are printed directly on the back with a permnent backstamp showing the title, location, elevation, date, edition number, and my signature.
  3. Artist Proofs These are Luxury Edition proofs. There are typically no more than 3. Display pieces have traveled with me to shows, and while appearing perfect from the proper viewing distance, upon close examination they may have minute surface scratches, or slight dimples in the surface. Any noticeable blemishes will be included in the proof description above. Pleaase contact me if you have any questions about a specific proof.
    These may have a printed backstamp or may have the title and Proof number handwritten on the back.
  4. Collectors Edition (50) - 13x19 archival paper prints (image size 11x17 / 9x18 / 13x13 ), signed & numbered.
  5. Open Edition - 8.5x11 archival paper print (image size 6x9 / 5x10 / 7x7). Signed

See Details for more information on Editions and international shipping.

ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

Luxury Edition prints are infused directly into specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy, deep blacks, rich colors, and light reflection - making it look as though the light is glowing from inside the image. This stunning ready to hang presentation is float mounted - it floats on an aluminum frame 3/4” off your wall. ChromaLuxe prints are lightweight, Waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. Now you can enhance your bathroom, kitchen, or patio with limited edition artwork.

Archival Paper Prints

I print all of my Collectors and Open Edition paper prints in my studio using archival materials and methods. These paper prints share the 3D quality of the Luxury Edition prints, looking far superior than on a digital device or even a print magazine. These loose paper prints require matting and framing prior to display. For a ready to hang piece, please consider a Luxury Edition print.

Free US shipping on all prints

$10 world shipping for Collectors and Open editions in any quantity.

Contact for Luxury Edition international shipping quote.


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