Collection: Matted Limited Edition (100) prints (2nds)

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18"x24"/20"x20" matted conservation grade paper prints

  • All materials and methods are archival conservation grade.
  • Prepared with gloves on and sealed in an acid-free bag.
  • Standard 18x24 or 20x20 frame size


I sell these at art fairs for $175. I am a perfectionist and these are my seconds. I may not like the way I wrote the edition number, the paper may have fed crooked into the printer leaving uneven margins in the non visible portion of the print, I may have hand written the title instead of typing it, etc. 


For local pick-up: these are matted to 18x24, with a foam core backer, in a sealed acid-free bag. All materials are conservation grade.

For free shipping: these are 13x19 paper prints, without mat and backer, in a sealed acid-free bag, rolled and mailed in a shipping tube. All materials are conservation grade (except the shipping tube).

For shipping 18x24 mats: If you would like any number of matted 18x24's shipped, add all of the "free shipping" seconds to your cart and a single $25 shipping upgrade.